Sponsorship Opportunities

We invite you to participate in the 2017 Online Research Conference for Graduate Students


Graduate students have an opportunity to present their research virtually to share their ideas and receive critical reviews of their work in a supportive and yet scholarly environment of colleagues and faculty members.

This year’s theme is Knowledge without Boundaries”.  Students are encouraged to stretch beyond their comfort zone, beyond their discipline to share and discuss research that is innovative and will lead to new ways of solving society’s needs.


The conference objectives are to: 

  • advance AU’s role as a global leader in accessible graduate education
  • promote excellence in graduate education
  • support diversity, equity, fairness, and ethical conduct in graduate education
  • create a graduate education that combines scholarship, research, and creative work
  • foster a stimulating and challenging environment for faculty and students that promotes innovation.


The conference addresses three of the AU pillars:  

  • Excellence: the conference provides an opportunity for the students to discuss their research and be exposed to topics that will facilitate their research and academic performance.
  • Flexibility: the conference will be held virtually using Adobe Connect.
  • Innovation: the conference will illustrate new, learner-centered learning models and technology-based alternatives to traditional, classroom-based instructional channels and contexts. Technology will be applied to make learning accessible.


Benefits for the community

  • To act as a stimulus for the development of research initiatives between students and faculty that will benefit organizations outside of the university.
  • To provide an opportunity to expand AU innovation using both virtual and in-person strategies to disseminate and share research.
  • To contribute to the Canadian and Albertan economy through knowledge translation and dissemination.
  • Strengthen cross-disciplinary opportunities between students and staff to network and promote excellence in research and other scholarly work.

For additional information please contact: 

Ross Tyson – Executive Director, Athabasca University Graduate Students’ Association – ed@augsa.com
Vikki Bellerose – Administrative Professional Officer, Athabasca University – vikkib@athabascau.ca