2018 Presenters

Opening Remarks

Dr. Shawn Fraser, Interim Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies

Dr. Matthew Prineas, Provost and Vice President Academic, Athabasca University


Dr. Neil Fassina, President, Athabasca University

Honorable Marlin Schmidt, Minister of Advanced Education


Dr. Jonathan Schaffer, Department of Computing Science, University of Alberta

Dr. Stefanie Ruel

Panel Presentation

Predatory Practices

Immersive Technologies

Concurrent Sessions


Gender Role Conflict in Canadian Post-Secondary Men: What Positive Masculinity Can Offer

Patrycja Adam

400.09 KB | 355 downloads

Thriving Through Collaboration: An Examination of Ontario’s Certified Dental Assistants as a Community of Practice

Becky Azzano

25.24 KB | 356 downloads

Paper Presentation
Utilizing Reflection to Understand Student Learning of Interprofessional Practice During Their Clinical Practicum

Renate Bradley

25.71 KB | 322 downloads

Paper Presentation
Effects of Adlerian Birth Order and Disabilities on Sibling Relational Dynamics: An Inclusive Heuristic Inquiry

Stephanie Dawson

25.60 KB | 313 downloads

Paper Presentation
The Use of Communication Technology by Couples in Long-Distance Committed Relationships: An Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis

Kimberly Duret

26.03 KB | 327 downloads

Paper Presentation
Retaining Rural and Remote Millennial Nurses

Lara Frederick

26.18 KB | 317 downloads

The Replication-Collaboration Continuum: Creating a Theory to Describe the Transient Spaces of Studio Pedagogy

Dr. Lisa Hammershaimb

26.02 KB | 329 downloads

Paper Presentation
Transforming Sociocultural Norms to Promote Virtual Cree Classes

Nicole L. Harrison

25.87 KB | 313 downloads

Paper Presentation
The Enabling and Disabling Social Factors in Autism: One Woman’s Lived Experiences

Paper Presentation
How Sexual Minorities may use the Internet to Foster Resiliency

Phillip Hau

26.19 KB | 302 downloads

Healthcare Workers’ Perception of an Influenza Immunization Campaign

Carolyn Hayes

25.77 KB | 309 downloads

Predictive Workload Balancing Algorithm For dynamic cloud services

Mahdee Jodayree

13.43 KB | 516 downloads

Paper Presentation
Research Proposal on Language Immersion Programs

Emma Paige Johnston

25.80 KB | 308 downloads

Paper Presentation
Satisfaction of Canadian Armed Forces Regular Force Members With Their Distance Learning Experiences

Kim Jones

26.19 KB | 324 downloads

Paper Presentation
Philosophical Horizons: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Eric Kang

26.25 KB | 315 downloads

Measuring Development Potential: The Case for an Enabling Environment Scorecard

Alkarim Karmali

25.71 KB | 323 downloads

Paper Presentation
Embracing Migrants and Refugees: The Challenge, Vision, and Mission of a Greek Effort

Paper Presentation
Tensioned interfaces: Unsettling Settler spaces and places in online education?

David Loewen

25.88 KB | 319 downloads

Paper Presentation
MITAC’s Presentation
Eric Loo and Kelvin Cole
An Investigation of Teaching Presence on Athabasca University’s E-learning Commons: the Landing

Mary E. McNabb

25.75 KB | 317 downloads

Paper Presentation
A progression towards more inclusive approaches to working with clients who use substances

Lindsay McNena

26.34 KB | 316 downloads

Mental Health Counsellor’s Role in Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) in Canada

Elise Meertens

25.83 KB | 307 downloads

Paper Presentation
Childhood Lived Experiences of Short-Term Employment-Related Paternal Absence: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis

Wendy Monks-Janzen

26.69 KB | 298 downloads

Paper Presentation
Including Students with a Disability in Mainstream Dance

Alison Neuman

26.34 KB | 317 downloads

Community Emergence: Constructive Amalgamation of Service and Supply Agreements Between First Nations and Mining Companies

Lindsay Ollerich

26.39 KB | 319 downloads

Measures of Transition Readiness in Adolescents and Young Adults with Chronic Disease: A Systematic Review

Sarah Parfeniuk

25.96 KB | 299 downloads

Paper Presentation
A Care Aide’s Story – Examining long term care giving experiences using a Grounded Theory approach

Mary-Anne Parker

25.79 KB | 366 downloads

Paper Presentation
Graduate Statistics – Demographic Profiles and the Grad Experience Survey Information

Dr. Nancy Parker

12.64 KB | 507 downloads

Capstone ePortfolio Project: An Online Ethnography

Rita Zuba Prokopetz

25.78 KB | 313 downloads

Paper Presentation
Practicum Supervision: A Transformative Process?

Violetta Przeworski

26.04 KB | 303 downloads

Paper Presentation
“Conspiracy of Silence:” Ukrainian-Canadians 1896 -1920

Debby-Lynn Ritsco

28.00 KB | 311 downloads

Paper Presentation
Designing for learning experience with user centred agile methodology

Richard Rogers

26.59 KB | 300 downloads

Paper Presentation
Transgender MtF Youth and the Sex Industry: Determinants and Risks

Christopher Rudan

26.59 KB | 303 downloads

Maternal Filicide in Canadian Mass Media

Paper Presentation
Challenges and Resiliency in Aboriginal Adults with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

Melanie Samaroden

25.52 KB | 317 downloads

Paper Presentation
An Innovative Literature Review of Job Satisfaction in Emergency Room Nurses>br/>

Sabina Staempfli

26.02 KB | 395 downloads

Paper Presentation
Professional Development Guidelines for OER: A Case Study of Brazilian Fundamental Education Public School Teachers

Viviane Vladimirschi

26.51 KB | 296 downloads

Paper Presentation