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Dennis Delgado is in his fourth year of studies in the DBA program. His is currently finalizing his research dissertation proposal. He is a manager for operations in a government OHS inspectorate and a college instructor in the faculty of commerce and business administration, both in the province of British Columbia.

Title: Managing Health and Safety in Small Construction Companies

Abstract: Construction has been considered as the deadliest industry in Canada. In recent years, about 200 construction workers succumbed to work-related injuries and diseases annually. Moreover, about 99% of firms in the construction industry in Canada consists of small employers.

Review of recent literature revealed the paucity of OHS research in small business context, let alone in small construction companies (SCCs). With the precariousness of the construction industry in Canada and construction employers composed mostly of SCCs, sustainable OHS management strategies are needed particularly in SCCs.

The proposed research aims to identify ways that could help SCCs improve their OHS performance to prevent OID. Its objectives are (a) to understand ways SCCs manage OHS; (b) to examine the factors that influence OHS performance of SCCs; and (c) to examine ways SCCs improve OHS performance.

Qualitative research is chosen as the research strategy for the proposed research because of the limitations of quantitative, positivist approaches and their narrowly defined questions. Multiple case study approach is the preferred methodology to facilitate gaining insights into SCCs’ perception of their motivation to prevent OID.

The results of this research will help the construction industry focus its resources in helping the small construction employers in specific areas that are highly associated with OHS performance. Furthermore, the resulting measures will create a basis for further research on OHS management in small organizational setting.


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