Jessica Pierson

Jessica Pierson was born in the small town of Owen Sound, Ontario, on November 13th, 1981. She grew up alongside her younger brother and older sister, in a middle-class nuclear family environment. She studied French at the University of Moncton on a summer bursary program in 1999, achieving honor roll status and gaining valuable experience. Jessica returned from Moncton to complete her OAC’s at West Hill Secondary School, where she graduated with Honors in 2000. In search of adventure, she pursued her post-secondary education in Kelowna, BC. In 2008, Jessica received a Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in Modern Languages (a combined major in French and Spanish) and Anthropology from UBC/Okanagan. During her time at UBC/Okanagan, Jessica carried out fieldwork in Peru as part of a Directed Studies course, conducting a study of the impact of tourism on the Indigenous Peoples of the Southern Peruvian Andes. This enlightening research resulted in long-lasting friendships, cultural awareness, and most importantly, the desire to contribute to the equality and well-being of Indigenous Peoples around the world.

Upon graduating, Jessica entered the workforce on a full-time basis. Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to start her own business in the transportation industry. Together with her common-law spouse, she purchased a 5-ton truck and they contracted as owner/operators, working as a team (him driving and her swamping). This business is still operational, although Jessica has stepped down from everyday operations and has taken on the role of administrator instead.

Jessica, her spouse, and her three step-children moved to Linden, Alberta, in 2013, where they have remained since. Jessica worked as an Educational Program Assistant at Dr. Elliott School from 2014-2018, as well as the Linden Municipal Library from 2016-present. While working full time and raising three children, she completed her ACE certificate in K-12 ESL Student Integration through Mount Royal University in 2016, achieving honors status once again.

In 2018, Jessica stepped down from her position as Educational Program Assistant in order to pursue her Master of Arts-Interdisciplinary Studies degree at Athabasca University. An advocate for ethnic and gender equality, she hosts events at her municipal library that promote empowerment and education. Her professional interests focus on Indigenous rights, feminism in the modern world, and minority language preservation and documentation.

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