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Lynn Long has dedicated more than twenty years to designing and delivering effective and engaging learning experiences for adult learners. She has only recently pursued graduate studies in this area and has consequently developed a new and growing passion for scholarly research. She is currently taking the very last course that she need to complete for her MAIS and has mixed feelings about coming to the end of this program. Lynn is grateful for the unique flexible approach offered by Athabasca University as this flexibility was the key to her success in balancing academics with many other aspects of work and life.

Title: Barrier Blasting: Identifying and Overcoming Barriers to Relationship Repair

Abstract: This primary research project aims to enhance the work of The Conflict Management and Human Rights Office at the University of Waterloo. This office has recently partnered with the UW Graduate Students Association to create a series of eight reflective microlearning modules entitled “Maintaining Effective Relations with your Supervisor for Graduate Students.” A gap persists in the module content related to identifying and overcoming barriers that can interfere with relationship repair. Although barriers are addressed generally, participants would benefit from a resource that can help them identify and address barriers specific to their own situations. This pilot study will determine whether a writing intervention based on Lengelle and Meijers’ (2009) Transformation Through Writing model can enhance students’ ability to identify and address barriers to relationship repair. It will further assess whether barrier identification can facilitate effective restoration of relations and investigate whether audio and visual expressions may also be effective alternatives to writing. Student feedback collected through an online survey and one-on-one interviews will inform future iterations of the intervention and programming across the university aimed at facilitating relationship repair in work and academic settings. In addition, this research will explore the applicability of the Transformation Through Writing model to a new field. Lengelle and Meijers have applied the model to career learning and development, the grieving process, and physical and emotional healing. This investigation will assess its applicability to conflict resolution and relationship repair. The presentation will provide an overview of the intervention and preliminary student feedback.

Title: AR/VR for Multivariable Calculus

Abstract: This primary research project aims to assess how augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies impact student learning and understanding of Math 237 course material. MATH 237 (Calculus 3 for Honours Mathematics) is an image-rich course in which students learn to visualize and work with multivariate functions, often in 3D space. The visual nature of the course readily lends itself to visualization tools such as GeoGebra interactive applets, which are currently used throughout the course and mediated through Mobius. Preliminary data gathered through an online survey will be used to assess the feasibility of using these technologies in a future iteration of the course. The study also aims to build on the previously established “Framework for Choosing, Using, and Designing Extended Reality Learning Applications for Pandemic and Post-pandemic Learning “(Long & Tsinakos, 2021) by applying their second framework component (“Best Practices for Using XR Applications for Pandemic and Post-pandemic Learning”) to the use of AR and VR tools in a tutorial setting. Student feedback will be used to refine the framework and inform future application. In addition, application of the framework in this capacity will be used to provide a guide for instructors wishing to apply the framework in their own teaching and learning settings. Session attendees will be introduced to CalcVR and GeoGebra as tools for enhancing learning in multivariable calculus, have an opportunity to compare AR and VR for supplemental learning in multivariable calculus, and reflect on the application of best practices for choosing and using XR learning applications



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