Mateo Huezo Mateo Huezo

Mateo Huezo is a therapist, activist, researcher, writer, and teacher. As a Master of Counselling student, Mateo headed a research project with transgender communities in Edmonton and Calgary. The project was an investigation of the internal wisdoms of trans groups and how this knowledge can be harnessed for the wellness of trans people and their communities. He has disseminated this project through various mediums across the country and continues to work with The Human Rights Commission and The Pride Centre of Edmonton, promoting marginalized voices and social justice for gender minorities. He is actively involved across various projects focused on queer, trans, and ethnoracial group mental health, research, education, and advocacy. Mateo believes in shifting the dominant narratives about minority group experience from one of disprivilege to one that centres minority voice as a source of strength, identity, and resilience.

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