Richard Rogers

Richard Rogers is a doctoral student in Distance Education at Athabasca University and has been in the programme since 2011. Richard’s combined professional careers in applied linguistics, academic and research librarianship and online tutoring are related to his current program given their shared focus on improving online learning environments (OLE). Improving the design of both the content and the containers of OLEs is of research interest to applied linguists working in technical communication, academic and research librarians and to online teaching professionals alike. Richard currently serves as documentalist/librarian at the National Library and Information System Authority (NALIS) assigned to the Documentation Centre of the Trinidad and Tobago National Commission for UNESCO (TTNCU). At the Centre his current projects include: Building a digital documentation centre at the TTNCU and a design framework for promoting gender equality in the design of open online courses.
His areas of research interest include, while not limited to, models to improve online course design, usability testing, discourse and document analysis, digital and electronic publishing and information and instructional design.

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