Robert Kemp

Program of Study: Master of Science in Information Systems
Successfully completed 11 courses, since April 2021 with a goal to understand more about AI and Analtyics
Over 20 years experience in the Financial Services Technology sector, Program and Project Management.
Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada

Title: Hacking and Hackers: new development and trends



Information Security and Artificial Intelligence are two domains that are experiencing explosive growth. Information Security protects the organization’s sensitive data and maintains trust. At the same time, Artificial Intelligence(AI) is rapidly transforming the world with examples such as driver assisted cars and digital assistants and AI is expected to soon exceed human capabilities. It’s inevitable that hackers will use AI for malicious purposes. Research indicates that Machine Learning models are vulnerable to malicious attacks [1],[2] and digital assistants can be attacked with hidden voice commands [3].

This paper will review cybersecurity and examine the different AI technology and applications involved with hacking. Traditional information security approaches struggle to keep up with constant and persistent attacks. Then, how do we defend ourselves against AI attacks? The literature review and marketplace study will provide background for a future paper entitled Hacking and Hackers: New developments and trends.

Type of Literature Review
A traditional literature review will be undertaken that will analyze and summarize current academic papers available. This review will help in refining and shaping the final paper’s framework.

The expected results will be a paper examining hacking and hackers current and potential use of AI in cyber attacks

Cyber attacks on businesses and organizations cause severe financial loss or impacts the organizations reputation. Minimizing security breaches and reducing the impact is key for every organization. Being aware of the most current trends, tools and applications is essential to continue to defend against cyber attacks.


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