Sidsel Pedersen

Sidsel (she/her) completed her training as a radiographer in Copenhagen, Denmark. As an internationally trained technologist she gained her Canadian certification in 2007. She has been employed as an Instructor in the Medical Radiologic Technology Program at Southern Alberta Institute of Technology since 2012. She is a strong advocate for her profession and holds numerous volunteer roles with the national association. As a member of the Pride @ SAIT committee she continues to strive to ensure safer and inclusive spaces throughout campus.

Sidsel is currently working towards Masters of Heath Studies through Athabasca University.

Title: MakeSpaceForEveryone – Creation of Transgender and Gender Diverse Curriculum in Medical Imaging Programs

Abstract: Background: Transgender and gender diverse (TGD) individuals face numerous barriers, including harassment and discrimination, when accessing healthcare services. Many medical imaging procedures require personal information to be shared, such as date of last menstrual cycle and/or pregnancy status; some imaging exams are also invasive or intimate in nature. Terminology is based on binary sex creating a cis-normative environment. TGD patients fear being outed and often feel a need to act as educators and advocates for their care. Incorporation of inclusive healthcare curriculum related to TGD populations is an effective means of educating new health providers and promotes safer and more inclusive spaces in healthcare settings. Educators face numerous barriers which hinder the creation and implementation of TGD content.
Research Question: How do individual attributes and collective influences impact educators when they are developing and delivering transgender and gender diverse content in medical imaging programs?
Methodology: An exploratory single case study of medical imaging programs at a Canadian post-secondary institute.
Results: Nine semi-structured interviews with faculty members along with analysis of institutional documents were completed. The study found seven themes that impact the development of TGD content.
Implications: This understanding can lead to an increased sense of empowerment for educators to create and incorporate TGD curriculum in the future. Many post-secondary institutions are incorporating an inclusive lens to educational plans and this research can be used in future curriculum design projects. This study can ultimately lead to improved medical imaging experiences for the TGD population.
This research is in progress.


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